We strive to provide you with a high quality green product that will increase your visibility while out and about with your little ones. Buggy Brites was developed out of one mom’s need to feel safe at night.
While pushing her daughter in a stroller one evening on a dark and busy street she had a near miss with a driver that did not see them; a light bulb went off in her head (quite literally); a stroller safety light that is both bright and playful.
In today’s busy lives often times the only chance we have to take a stroll or a bike ride with our kids is at dusk or just after darkness has fallen and those are the most dangerous times, due to reduced visibility for pedestrian or bicycle involved auto accidents. Buggy Brites was designed with these concerns in mind.
 It is a fun caterpillar that will keep kids entertained and learning during the day; and at night will help alert drivers of your presence. We hope you enjoy our product. Stay safe! have fun and don’t forget to brighten up you nights with Buggy Brites!

Packaging Caterpillar